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Concho County Hospital Moves to Industry Platform for Patient Satisfaction Surveys


Most businesses these days utilize some form of a Customer Satisfaction Survey, and those of us in the healthcare arena are no different, but instead of Customer Satisfaction Surveys we call them Patient Satisfaction Surveys. Since resurrecting the Patient Satisfaction Survey process a few years ago, Concho County Hospital has received a great deal of feedback from both patients and from the families of patients, and we're happy to say that the overwhelming majority of it has been very positive. We know it takes several minutes of a patient's time to fill out the surveys, and we thank each and every one of you who've been kind enough to share your thoughts and comments, we really do read each and every one of them and use them to improve the overall patient experience.

Up to this point, CCH's Patient Satisfaction Survey process has been handled internally, and patients are handed the survey as they leave the facility. However, healthcare is changing and now CCH has the opportunity to participate in a national program called the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Survey (HCAHPS). This new standardized survey was developed through extensive consumer testing, cognitive interviews, focus groups, input from stakeholders and a sizable field test. It is the industry standard and endorsed by the vast majority of Federal Agencies, Providers, Payers, and research organizations.

The Survey consists of 27 questions regarding a patient's experience at our facility. The Survey is sent to patients via US mail from the HCAHPS headquarters. Questions will cover admission and discharge from the hospital, cleanliness of the rooms, care received, and the effectiveness of communication between our providers and our patients. Results from the survey will be compiled and compared to other hospitals of like volume and size.

We at CCH are very excited to participate in this program and look forward to being able to benchmark our performance. Thanks to all who have participated with our previous Patient Satisfaction Surveys, we appreciate you, and we're thanking in advance all of our future patients for sharing their experiences at our facility.