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Concho County Hospital hosted a dinner

Concho County Hospital hosted a dinner for the participants of their 2019 Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) last Thursday at the Multi-Purpose Center. Also invited to attend were all current CCH Board Members and all candidates for the upcoming At-Large CCH Board Election. Following an informative presentation regarding the results of the CHNA by Dave Clark of the Texas Organization of Rural and Community Hospitals (TORCH), Brian Lady provided a snapshot of the Hospital's financial condition since he began working there in February of 2016.

The following is an excerpt from his presentation:

"We spent some money…"

- It was not only the right thing to do in order to provide the care that you deserve, much of it was mandated.

First a look at our Cash on Hand at the beginning…. (Total Cash Funds)

March 2016 $4,208,368.96 (Special thanks to Dudley White and previous Boards for leaving us with a healthy bank balance from which to begin)

Let's look at upon what we've spent money over the last 3 years -

$91,000 Consultant to address lack of policies and HR deficiencies
$250,000 IT Upgrade
$191,000 to Upgrade Beds and Stretchers
$463,000 New 64-Slice State of the Art CT ($108,000/year)
$42,537 CT Room Remodel
$29,840 Injector for CT
$8,003 Hand Held Ultrasound for ER
$17,181 Sleep Room Renovation and Equipment
$28,000 2 New Defibrillators
$48,213 New Phone System with Voicemail
$10,000 Facility Management and Preventative Maintenance App
$92,971 to Update Fire Safety Systems
$41,000 to Replace Items Damaged in Lightning Strike (rods added)
$36,528 to Repair North Hallway Bathrooms and On-Call Rooms
$16,002 Lab Analyzer
$25,000 to Illuminate Helipad and add ADA Compliant Sidewalks
$12,000 to Retain Trauma Designation
$17,000 AirMed Coverage for Concho County
$9,000 New Crash Cart
$22,000 to Update ER 1
$14,000 New Kitchen Appliances, Washers and Dryers
$30,000 for 2 auto-pulse chest compression machines

For a Grand Total of $1,494,275

Now, remember our cash balance from March 2016? ($4,208,368.96)

So even after all of the above investments, this is CCH's cash on hand balance as ofFebruary 2019…. $4,651,015.37 - An increase of $442,646.41

Please note that none of the above improvements in our Hospital's ability to provide the best care possible could occur without our Board Members' both support and willingness to stick their necks out and move forward with a new administrator and new strategy. They have repeatedly stepped up to the plate and made a brighter healthcare future possible. A very special thanks to all of them.

CCH invites everyone to check out our new website at:ConchoCounty.Hospital

Financial Audits and a copy of the CHNA are available for viewing in the bottom left hand corner of the landing page.